Qualis non respirare

IBB International started as an enterprise offering both Engineering Consultancy and Project Management services.

Through value proposition, resource optimization and total waste elimination, it has now developed to be a well-known international corporate headquartered in Uganda and conducts trans-national business offering consultancy services and construction works.

Our History

IBB International, was established in Uganda on 10 August 2010 and later spread to the region conducting business in Kenya, DRC and South Sudan specializing in engineering consultancy services and construction works.

Before the inception of the IBB Conglomerate, the specialty of the Director’s core business was in consultancies that help start-ups find the feet especially in the field of construction and project management in South Sudan. This accumulated experience helped many indigenous companies to start the journey of professionalism and find the right tools they needed to compete with multinationals who were at the time monopolizing construction line of trade.

By 2010, IBB International operated only in Uganda and South Sudan but Uganda has now developed to be a hub for activities in neighboring countries and we have now heavily invested in Tanzania, Eastern Congo and South Sudan.

To reach and maintain a prominent position in the East and Central Africa & other International construction markets by attaining a competitive advantage in time response and product quality

To provide clients with reliable high quality products and services; presented with a human touch and controlled by state-of-art technologies by employing effective quality management