At IBB International we understand that quality control represents increasingly important concerns for project managers and project owners. All activities are designed to ensure that quality is shown to be of critical competitive strength. We truly fathom that defects or failures in constructed facilities can result in exponential large costs. Even with minor defects, reconstruction may be required and facility operations impaired. Increased costs and delays are the result. In the worst case, failures may cause personal injuries or fatalities.

Accidents during the construction process can similarly result in personal injuries and large costs. Indirect costs of insurance, inspection and regulation can rapidly increase direct costs. At IBB International, we emphasize with our project managers to ensure that the job is done right the first time and that no major accidents occur on the project.

As with cost control, the most important decisions regarding the quality of a completed facility are made during the design and planning stages rather than during construction. It is during these preliminary stages that component configurations, material specifications and functional performance are decided. Quality control during construction consists largely of insuring conformance to these original design and planning decisions. This has made IBBI execute and deliver quality projects with minimal costs and is a major secret behind our profitability and preference among retained clients.