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Our goal is not to look at your project as a one-time engagement for our services. Rather, we are committed to meeting your objectives so that we become your “go-to” resource for your construction needs now and in the future. And, regardless of our role, we take on the responsibility of translating your ideas into a building that balances budget and timing with functionality and corporate vision.


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) handed over site to IBB International Ltd, the project contractor for construction of a new Security Search Park at Entebbe International Airport on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

The project, expected to be undertaken in six months from November 1 2018, is to comprise of two additional road lanes on top of the current two lanes to the airport to make a total of four lanes covering an area of about 450 metres. It will be a covered area with appropriate shelter for the security search team, motorists and people entering Entebbe International Airport.