cONSULTANCY services


IBBI provides design and construction services from concept to completion delivered as a turnkey design-build partner.

Our collaborative approach provides a singular project process from design through construction


Design-build sets a single point of communication and accountability.  Design and construction teammates develop details in tandem, avoiding conflicts, enhancing efficiency, and keeping the focus on outcomes and owner value.

Coordinate + -

Design-build speeds up the process with shorter bid times and fewer delays.  The ongoing and open design and construction coordination mean more agility in the field, less ambiguity of details, and no blame game.

Collaborate + -

Design-build fosters partnership among design and construction, ensures continuity, and empowers everyone to work toward the owner’s goals.  No big egos, just a committed team dedicated to project success.

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We are recognized as one of East Africa’s general contractor as well as one of the best consultative commercial general contractors with flexible methods of delivery that drive project success.