Strategic Goals

IBBI aims to complete all projects undertaken in a safe and efficient manner, on time and within budget. The integration of safety, quality and construction best practice into every project is required to achieve this aim.

Customer Satisfaction:
• Deliver quality works in an efficient and effective manner
• Deliver works within scope, time and budget
• Enough knowledge transfers to ensure sustainability

Community Service:
• Provide job opportunities in the service area to promote a higher standard of living
• Source and use locally available materials to uplift household income and contribute to economic development
• Cooperate with and serve the educational institutions located in the service area • Wellness and life skills programs for the communities
• Promote gender equality and opportunities to the vulnerable groups

Shareholders relations:
• Protect and enhance shareholders’ investment.
• Provide a rate of return to the shareholders which is competitive with other investments
• Base all company involvement in new programmes or projects on solid economic principles

Employee-management obligations:
• Monitor and strive to improve the quality of management and supervision
• Attract, develop and retain able and loyal employees
• Provide equal employment opportunities and a high degree of training along with modern, professional tools

Corporate communication:
• Make an assertive effort to promote brand in all media available
• Keep senior management appraised and educated on current topics of interest
• Enhance the community image of the company by being receptive to the needs of customer and the community.